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Princess Crystal’s Freelance Writing Career

Princess of Communications

Freelance Writer Extraordinaire, Crystal S. Kauffman is a proud mom of two young adults, who are currently busy chasing their own goals and dreams. Her favorite pasttime or hobby has always been writing, so she has created two  blogs that she currently updates frequently.

The Royal Thought’s Blog and the Princess Crystal Says Blog have both been built by Princess Crystal, who became a published freelance author/poet/songwriter in 1996. She has been pursing her dreams since she was young, by writing as often as she can.

Ms. Kauffman has a career that has allowed her to build skills in: blogging, web content, articles, book reviews, social media management, copywriter, and so much more.

Feel free to visit the different pages of Princess Crystal’s website/blog to see her skills and writing samples.

Princess Crystal has already published two books and will have a couple coming out in mid 2020 from different genres like fantasy and christian fiction. She is always looking to help new businesses with all of their communication needs, since she has earned an Associate in Arts of Business 2008 and a Bachelor’s of Communications in 2011. She works closely with her clients to convey exactly what the company is trying to convey to their customers.

From 2005 to 2011, she decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a High School Diploma Program, a Children and Teenagers Writing Course, and she completed an Associate in Arts of Business 2008, and a Bachelors Degree in Communications in 2011 in college. Ms. Kauffman has a extensive writing career online and offline for websites, networks, and businesses online and offline. She also enjoys building websites and blogs, which allows her to be creative and bring a client’s vision to life.

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“Princess Crystal Says” Recovery Blog


In 2007, she became a newly published freelance author and songwriter who created and published her own personal blog which was named, “God’s Imperfect Princess Says“. This personal blog has been renamed Princess Crystal Says and is now focusing on Recovery for people who are ready to leave active addiction.

The Recovery Blog has inspirational words for those trying to actively kick addiction out of their life, as well as honest advice in each blog post. Every post is based off of what Ms. Kauffman learned during her struggle with active addition to very strong narcotics and opioids after cancer treatment, as well as a dark road she went down herself.

Ms. Kauffman is also available on Facebook to speak with anyone, who needs to talk about their own dark struggle.

Facing Cancer’s Touch and Chasing Her Dreams

LACSC New Logo

Additionally, as of the year 2003, Ms. Kauffman became cervical cancer survivor (stage 2-B) using experimental treatment that saved her life but adversely affected her health, which led to her becoming disabled in 2003. However, she still tried to care for her family and her children, while dealing with her new way of life as a cancer survivor.

Unfortunately, her grandfather also was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he soon became a survivor. Together, they began building a support group called, Laugh Everyday, which met at Ms. Kauffman’s house. Her grandfather wanted to know, why she was experiencing such extreme side effects from the treatment that she received.

Honestly, Princess Crystal just wanted to meet others, who were facing the same things that they both  were facing. She wanted to learn ways to cope with the side effects and the strong effects of the pain medicines, as well as what she faced on an every day basis. They both wanted to somehow help other’s who were living with cancer’s touch and its devastating effects on their personal lives. However, soon after building the support group and creating a plan for the future, she lost her beloved grandfather who raised her to advanced lung cancer.

Princess Crystal and Her Beloved Grandfather

This pain and loss that she felt led to the creation of the non-profit organization named Laugh at Cancer Organization in 2008 and the Laugh at Cancer Support Community at Ning.com, where she met some amazing people who helped her create an amazing  online support community. Unfortunately, after four years, Ning began charging for the use of their networks and Princess Crystal decided to move her entire support community to a Facebook Page.

While, Ms. Kauffman was dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment and severe chronic pain, she decided to further her education to keep her mind off her own battle. During 2005 to 2011, she decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a High School Diploma Program, a Children and Teenagers Writing Course, and she completed an Associate in Arts of Business 2008, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications 2011 program in college.

In 2007, she became a newly published songwriter, as well as creating and publishing her own personal blog which was named, “God’s Imperfect Princess Says”. Ms. Kauffman began writing web content, articles, building websites, building blogs, and creating offline business communications.

Meet “God’s Imperfect Princess”

Princess Crystal’s New Logo

In her free time, Princess Crystal enjoys being with her friends and family, as well as helping others. This allows her to bring a little joy to others who may be facing health issues. She enjoys visiting her mother’s nursing home and listening to the to patient’s when they talk about their life. Ms. Kauffman is always connected to one of her devices and listening to music, as she talks to her online family or writing something.

Ms. Kauffman has actively rescued animals, fostered animals, and last year in 2018 she became a local pet sitter. She has adopted two large breed dogs, who she completely loves and her neighbors love them just as much. Ms. Kauffman enjoys playing with her dogs and watching them interact together.

Unfortunately, Princess Crystal recently was forced to say goodbye to Lulu, (Her cat of five years) when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in Oct 2019. She misses her baby every day!

Sheba or “Momma dog” is Mama’s natural Momma. She started as a foster dog, but she has stolen Princess Crystal’s heart and as well as her bed.
This is Princess Crystal’s beautiful yet sweet, “Queen of the House” Lulu. She has an attitude and doesn’t like to be held or touched, unless she wants it.
This is Mama, Princess Crystal’s big girl who is a sweet puppy. She has raised Mama from a small puppy and enjoys watching her learn new things. Mama has stolen my heart and my mother’s heart.


Crystal working on her blog.

How She Began Her Freelance Career

Ms. Kauffman has been completing quality freelance writing projects for online and offline clients since 2003. However, she did not take freelance writing seriously as a career until June 2007. Ms. Kauffman began writing web content, different types of articles, poetry, and more for several online websites.

Through social networking with many different freelance authors and personal friends, Ms. Kauffman began learning more about developing her writing skills further. Many of these friendly authors have became her personal mentors and each one has guided her throughout her out her freelance writing career.

Currently, she creates and individually designs business communications like websites, blogs, fliers, web content, different types of articles, and more. Princess Crystal works closely with her clients, in order to convey the client’s message about its products and/or services to the customers.


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img_1078-2Be sure to visit Recovery Blog and get inspired to escape active addiction with inspirational yet truthful posts about recovery and addiction.

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