My Interview With The Homemade Dog Food Queen

Alexis walker 1

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

A few months back, I met Alexis A. Walker through a very close friend and we hit it off instantly as friends. I admired the work she does with dogs and their parents, so I offered to help her gain exposure because I believe in what she does. Meet the Raw Dog Food Queen and learn how she can help your dog live longer and healthier.

Please Introduce yourself to my readers?

I’m a mother of two awesome little boys, a super crazy dog food lady, an herbalist, a jewelry maker, a Doctor Who fan and an over all loving and passionate friend.

What made you start feeding your dog raw dog food?

I was determined to give her species appropriate food from the start after researching all of the bad toxins and additives in kibble.

How is it beneficial to all pet parents?

All dogs can benefit from the addition of real, whole, species appropriate foods into their diets because they are getting high quality nutrients the way nature intended.

Do you offer custom meal planning for humans and cats?

I currently only offer custom meal planning for dogs but I do give holistic counseling and make herbal remedies for humans. I haven’t taken the classes on cars yet as I am trying to learn all I can about the needs of canines first. Eventually I will get there.

Why do you make jewelry? Do you make custom pieces? I’ve always loved making unique, wearable art. It is a stress relief technique I’ve practiced since I was a teenager. I love making custom pieces because it allows me to make something special for a person based on their special personality.

What are herbal remedies? How do they help people or pets?

Herbal remedies are natural medicines and supplements made using different plants for different conditions. They are tailored to the individual needs of the person or pet to treat their problems naturally instead of adding chemicals into an already stressed body system.

What is Tincture? How does it help?

A tincture is a powerful form of herbal medicine…basically a concentrate. Teas are weak herbal remedies and tinctures are like if you had concentrated flavoring but it’s a medicine. They are much faster working and you need less of it for the desired effects.

Is there anything you want my readers to know?

I am here to serve you and your pets, in order to make your lives brighter and healthier. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

How do you give back to the community?

I give 10% of meal planning profits to different shelters and rescues and certain jewelry pieces I give a set amount to different causes.

Contact Alexis A. Walker to more about how raw dog food is better for your dog than the regular kibble you buy at your local store.

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