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Avoid Click, Click…Boom Moments!

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By, Crystal S. Kauffman

There are going to be times when you will find out certain things that may hurt or upset you about someone you love. Focus on maintaining your composure and gather your thoughts before you decide to react to the revelation. Sometimes, you must deal with the pain of knowing the truth. Stay silent, but inside you are putting different things together about a person that you have never noticed before.

Each new frame that rolls in your mind will be different snapshots and memories that you have stored in your mind over time. As the pictures, conversations, and actions begin to line up perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Honestly, you are now fast approaching an uncontrollable angry explosion, which is known as a click, click…boom moment! Unfortunately, you know the truth based on your own perception of what you have seen or heard.

These thoughts stir up your anger, while you fight to hold back the spontaneous combustion that you know is quickly coming. Stop allowing these thoughts to dominate your mind, instead distract yourself with watching funny videos or listening to upbeat music. Don’t focus on the pain you feel, instead be thankful that you now know the absolute truth and start changing your part in the narrative of your story.

Walk away and let it go, because it is not healthy to hold anger in or to allow it to fester due to the pain you feel at this moment. Stay strong and keep moving away from them, until you are no longer part of their life. Try to identify or learn what triggers your angry outbursts and learn to let go for peace sakes. Remember that becoming angry is natural, but letting your temper explode on your family and friends is not.

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Start Healing Your Brand Today!
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Change is Beautiful!

Changing your life after a major medical event like a heart attack or cancer treatment can be stressful at first. However, remember that you are not going to change overnight, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself. As you begin to implement these new changes, try to keep yourself as your mind busy doing things you enjoy. Sometimes, you will fail during the day or night, but take inventory of your daily victories not your failures!

Listen to your doctors, not well meaning friends, because the doctor is the one who has an abundance of medical experience. Remember, you are unique and you may not heal the way others do, yet don’t give up hope that you will receive a healing. Never let others talk down to you, because you may not be the person that they believe you should be. Just shine and focus on becoming healthier, instead of allowing these people into your head.

Change is beautiful and worth every moment, especially when you have been blessed with a second chance in life. You will not change your old habits overnight but you can begin focusing on taking baby steps toward your actual goals. No matter what lies ahead of you, just remember that you got this and that you have already made it this far. So, buckle down and begin changing your life, one meal at a time or one walk at a time!

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It’s Not the Situation, But How You React That Matters


By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Many times people will take you wrong whether over texting or even face to face, because of how they perceive what you are saying. Unfortunately, you can’t change the way someone reacts to your communications or actions. You can control how you react to anything that they say to you or how they act toward you. Don’t participate in their craziness, by just not talking to them or quickly walking away from the situation.

Never allow someone to ruin your peace, because they have misunderstood what you have texted them or have spoken to them. The negativity will destroy you and cause you to second guess who you are, because they have to see you as the bad guy. Perception is a killer of relationships, but you can try to help them understand but most of the time they won’t listen. So, let that shit go, walk away and keep moving because their opinion means nothing to you and your life.

If they are your partner, take a break and then try to communicate again but sometimes it is just not worth the damn battle. They may get stuck it one train of thought, which becomes a thorn in the relationship and it may grow into a divider that you cannot climb over. Suck it up, keep focused on your goals and don’t react to the petty comments and the bullshit that they will throw at you. Be real and know that you did your best, in order to convey your thoughts, but it was perceived wrong and you cannot change anyone but you!

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When Life Rains on You, Find the Rainbow

count your blessings

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Sometimes, life can seem like it does nothing but rain on you, whether it is your finances or your health. It will seem like a damn hurricane is brewing and your holding on for dear life. However, look past the blinding rain and you will see a beautiful rainbow forming in the distance. Stay focused on that rainbow and don’t give up! Each tiresome step will bring you so much closer to the goal that you have set for yourself.

Never let anyone tell you that you are weak or that you are giving up, because you are not doing things the way that they think you should. Honestly, they cannot see what you see, so keep your eyes wide open and keep focused on saving money or changing the way you eat. Whatever your goal is…go at it hard no matter how much rain comes at you because that rainbow is forming. So, focus and dig deep, because you can do anything that you have set your mind too!

Keep your eyes on the goal or rainbow that is ahead of you, but always be aware of distractions which will try to pull you away from your original goal. More rain will enter your life and you will feel defeated; yet don’t lose heart over the setbacks that you will definitely face. Instead, refocus and find that rainbow once again and keep striving to reach it. Before you know it, you will have reached your goal and the rain will have moved while leaving beautiful flowers in its path.


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Find Your True Purpose

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Never expect someone to tell you your true purpose in life, because it will never be that simple to find out what you were meant to do or be. It will take a lot of soul-searching to find out what brings out your own desires or passions. Follow things that inspire you that will allow you to create the life that you want, while also showing you yearn to become in the future. Sometimes, you may take a wrong turn or even five, but remember don’t give up on yourself!

Your true destiny is waiting for you to discover it, while you are building your life the way you want it. Take your time figuring out what your purpose is in life, because you don’t want to start doing something that you will end up hating later in life. This will allow you to find and prepare yourself for the purpose that you believe that is tailor made for you and your dreams. Furthermore, allow yourself to dream big and discover what you love to do or be with.

When you find your passion and purpose, you will find a more peaceful existence that will allow you to be excited about your future prospects. You will have your ups and downs, soon you will become someone who is fighting ti reach your full potential. Know who you are and what your passions are, will ultimately lead you in the direction that is best for you. So dig deep and begin finding out your purpose, instead of wasting your time on things that do help find your passions and desires.

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Don’t Bleed On Your Loved Ones


By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Don’t hurt others, just because someone hurt you in the past and you are still in emotional pain. Take time to heal yourself, so you can be emotionally available for the people who are in your life. Sometimes, we carry our emotional baggage into new relationships and friendships. This causes issues in the long run, because you end up bleeding all over the people that never hurt you.

You become bitter, grumpy, angry, unhappy, and just plain miserable which causes others to walk on egg shells around you on most days. This is not fair to those who love you, because they deserve more than your hurtful words and actions. Seek professional help, so you can spare your loved ones from your emotional pain bleeding out onto them.

No one can help you with your dance with anger or your emotional baggage. Only you can put a stop to those emotions, which are bleeding out daily. With proper help, you will have a breakthrough and learn to cope with the emotional pain that you carry with you daily. Your family will enjoy the new and improved you, but you will enjoy your new found peace.

Without getting help, you will push everyone away, because you’re allowing your painful past affect your future. Leave your pain in the past and find positive things to fill your life with. Never use a band-aid to cover a deep cut, because you will bleed out on those who you love. Never give up on creating a better you, since everyone in your life deserves to see you happy not angry.

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Control Your Own Life

control your life

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

During recovery or even in everyday life, you are going to learn quickly that you will only able to control your own situations and circumstances. Honestly, you cannot control the way anyone else chooses to treat you. You can choose to stay away from any person, who hurts you and does not change their behavior once you have discussed the issue. Save your energy and stay away from the craziness, while focusing on the positive things in your life that make you happy.

Controlling when people come to your home, work, or other places that you go can keep your anxiety level down. However, you can also tell visitors to text or call you before a visit, so you can decide if you want to actually have a visitor over at that time. Sometimes, you may just want to be alone because you feel grouchy and full of anxiety. Setting rules with your visitors will help you regain control over your life, while you focus on healing and meditation.

Furthermore, talk to a mentor on how to control your finances if you need help, because you will need to pay rent and electricity in a stable home. You may also have to pay for water, propane, and/or other necessities inside your home. Learning to control your finances will make you proud and give you a sense of freedom that is amazing after dealing with addiction. Therefore, take control of your finances and your life, so you can find the peace and happiness that you long for everyday.

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