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Today, Ms. Kauffman is a valuable asset to her potential clients. Additionally, she enjoys building new websites and blogs for her clients, who want to start marketing their products or services. She can meet her clients communication needs online and offline. Ms. Kauffman has invaluable experience since and skills that will allow her to compliment any project you may be building.

Please check out her other pages that showcase her skills and talents, as well as some of her writing samples. Ms. Kauffman has written for many online and offline networks, magazines, and blogs that have expanded her freelance career.  She will always find the best way to express the client’s brand, product, service, or written message.

She is currently writing articles for several reputable websites and she is currently maintaining her own network of websites/blogs which she has owned for over a decade now. Princess Crystal enjoys building on WordPress (blogs or websites) and other web or blog building platforms as well for all client’s that need help.

Ms. Kauffman is currently available for hire and will work closely with you to convey your businesses message to your customers.


Join Ms. Kauffman’s Facebook Page to see what she he has built over the years. She is very talented and looking forward to meeting you.


For an honest yet affordable estimate for your next freelance project that you need built or written, please contact Crystal S. Kauffman by email: crystalskauffman33@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger: http://facebook.com/laughatcancer

Please Consider Hiring Crystal For Your Next Communications or Freelance Writing Project! Her online portfolio is on this website/blog.

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